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The holy grail templar treasure
The legend of the Templars treasure
Legend tells that the Temple Knights managed to get the treasure and biblical object to England in the escape from France. They had been warned that Philip IV of France were mass arrests temple knights. His own treasure chest was empty and he glanced hornbeam sick on the success of the Templars which had built up a substantial banking business across Europe.

Grand Master Jacques de Molay is said to have projection a curse on the Philip and the pope when he was burned in a bonfire in Paris. Pope Clement died only a month later, and King Philip died in a hunting accident Before the end of the year. Traces of the Templars and present activities remains today.
Oak Island - a known treasure place
Exactly 2810 miles from the shephers monument in Shugborough Hall is Oak Island. In 1795 a boy found a strange place in the island. Together with two friends, he began digging, and the boys found a ”mine shafts”. The boys lacked the resources to dig deeper, but many after them have put a lot of money and resources to dig there. The treasure hole on Oak Island is today (2011 03 23) not excavated. An ingenious system of underground water prevents it reaches the bottom of the hole.
oak island