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The Shugborough Hall
Shugborough lies just a few miles from the county town of Staffordin England. Eight different monument and DM code has puzzled people for over 200 years. The following presentation is an explanation and perhaps the solution to an old hunt. The hunt for The Templars treasure.
Shugborough Hall
Shugborough Hall
The monuments three directions out to the world
There are a total of eight monuments. Three monument symbolize places in the world and give us three directions. Azores, Afrika and Canada.
Shugborough Hall 2
Shugborough Hall 3
Shugborough Hall 4
The Shepherd’s Monument consists of three united pieces
The monument symbolizes the three places that have become united in one place. Oak Island. Both the direction 1 and 2 (see above picture) ends of the monument The Triumphal Arch, which symbolizes the Oak Island.